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Faster and Simplified 
Invoice Payments

Create, and send invoices either from the

POSALE PAY dashboard or using our APIs

How POSALE PAY Invoice Works?

Create, and send invoices either
from the POSALE PAY dashboard or using our APIs

Create Invoice

Create Invoice from POSALE PAY powerful dashboard

Add Description

Add description and amount to request money from the customer

Share Invoice

Share invoice via e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp and more

Get Notified

After customer pays, you will be notified on completion of payment

Multiple Invoices

Mass invoices reduce the time taken to load the invoices and removes any chances of errors and duplicity which help in efficient marketing strategies

By allowing customers to pay their bills online both as a one-time transaction or as an automated subscription billing, your customers benefit from the flexibility that you offer them, and in return you gain their trust and can increase your sales.

Download Mobile App

Designed to track your business on the move, whether small or large, the POSALE PAY app makes it easy to track your business performance and request payments.

Run your business from your pocket. With a few taps, you can track your daily sales and track how you’ve performed over the past month, quarter, or custom period.

Create account in Few minutes

Effortless access to your account awaits! Log in securely to POSALE PAY’s payment gateway and manage your transactions with ease. Experience seamless navigation, robust security, and instant access to your payment tools

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Copyright: © 2024 POSALE PAY All right reserved