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With such a lot of different payment solutions out there, deciding which payment gateways to integrate is often a tangle. Over the years, the digital payment industry in Pakistan has witnessed several initiatives, so as to market the expansion of digital payments. The e-commerce industry is cognizant that the payment gateway is that the most vital factor for success within the business because it provides safe, reliable, and secure payment to their customers to create online payments. The marketing feature of POSALE PAY helps your business advertise your products and services online.


POSALE PAY is fully responsible for all fronts to end transactions and authorizations, settlement, and all card processing operational functions to create a highly scalable and resilient platform for the customers.


Reaching the customers and serving them the best and fresh bakery products with a simple payment method are key nowadays.


POSALE PAY will enable you improve your everyday business tasks like taking requests, dealing with your index, stock and payment preparing.

Coffee cafe

“Everything gets better with a coffee.” When we visit the coffee place to drink our favourite cup of coffee, we wish to urge good facilities.

Education Institute

Now it will not be difficult to procure studies. Dealing with cash just takes up so much time. Not to cater to the matter of money. You will pay education fees just sitting reception.


POSALE PAY is that payment gateway that you simply decide for your e-commerce site should impart trust in your customers as they create their buys.

Food Delivery

The food delivery of mobile apps made our life more leisurely. Food delivery could be a way that permits customers to order food through the restaurant oriented mobile app or website.


POSALE PAY has kept pace by offering a full suite of different payment systems, products and services which will help increase revenue, enhance your bottom line and facilitate your be competitive within the marketplace.

IT Services

If you are running an IT firm, it's of utmost importance to you that you just get a payment solution that's. Whether you’re looking to bill customers on a recurring basis, or just accept payments.

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